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ergoPouch Organic Cotton Jersey Sleeping Bag, 1.0 TOG, for Babies 8-24 Months, Grey Marle



  • GREAT FOR BOYS & GIRLS: The arms-out ergoPouch Jersey Sleeping Bag is a perfect next step for your little one after the swaddle stage. Its zippered design stays cosy and warm while making it difficult for your child to escape in the middle of the night. Unisex pattern options perfect for both boys and girls. They’re great for passing down to younger siblings!
  • MADE WITH ORGANIC COTTON & BAMBOO: These cosy sleeping pouches are made with warm and breathable organic cotton & bamboo viscose, which is soft and gentle against your baby’s delicate skin. Our sleeping bags are also bell-shaped to allow for healthy leg movement, which helps minimize the risk of hip dysplasia. ergoPouch products are always manufactured with your child’s comfort and safety in mind.
  • 2 CONVENIENT SIZES: There are 2 sizes that fit most babies and toddlers so little ones can nap and sleep in comfort. The 3-12 month size (product length 31.5 IN) is perfect for babies who are no longer swaddled and are ready for an arms-out sleeping sack. The 8–24 month size (product length 35.4 IN) means you can use it all the way through to toddler stage. The Jersey Sleeping Bag can be worn over pyjamas and includes a zipper cover.
  • TOG RATINGS: Jersey Sleeping Bags are available in 3 Tog ratings to choose from based on the temperature of your nursery. With the right selection, you shouldn’t need any extra blankets, which is the best way to keep your child safe as they sleep and dream through the night.

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