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  • READY TO STOP BREASTFEEDING: Ready yourself and your baby to stop breastfeeding with our baby weaning balm and baby weaning moisturizer stick. It is applied around the nipple or areola of Mama’s breast. Save yourself and your little one from the emotional trauma of weaning with our cream ointment in easy-to-apply 10Oz (3g) stick form to stop breastfeeding.
  • WEANING HELP FROM NATURE: Our weaning pacifier cream ointment offers the traditional method in a hassle-free modern stick. We keep our Suckerbuster baby balm and baby weaning moisturizing balm 100% additive-free and natural to ensure your baby’s health won’t get affected while using this cream to stop breastfeeding. Our nature-sourced ingredients include Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Neem Oil, And Organic Candelilla Wax. Give it a try and make your baby finally weaned!
  • TEARLESS EASY WEANING: End your long months trying to end breastfeeding and avoid your baby’s bosom-restriction tantrums. Because of our sucker buster weaning balm’s smell and taste, you can effortlessly make your child completely wean off breastfeeding. No more looking for other stop breastfeeding products like a baby cream or weaning pacifier; our balm is easy to use and works in 1-2 applications.
  • LESS STRESS, SLEEP MORE: Crafted from plant-based ingredients, this weaning breastfeeding product may also be used for other purposes. Suckerbuster Weaning Balm is made for breastfeeding moms. It can be used as a nipple balm that soothes and heals cracked or chapped nipples. We provide baby-weaning lip balm so you can successfully go through this development stage with your babies with less stress, fuss, and mess.
  • A TRUSTED AMERICAN-MADE SUCKER BUSTER: Our baby balm or nipple balm is specially formulated by a trusted and credible manufacturer in the USA. We submitted a U.S. patent for this product to ensure our formulation process was carefully thought about and passed all product safety assessments. Results may vary.

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